Semi-Sweet Mead - Semi-Sweet

Our Semi-Sweet mead is similar to our dry mead but with a touch of honey added to provide a suitable sweetness. 750ml

$15.99 / bottle

Our Dry mead is made with our proprietary blend of honey.  It has an extraordinary light honey flavor with subdued floral notes and mild flavors of lemongrass and toffee. Enjoy this mead in place of a nice glass of dry white wine. 750ml

$15.99 / bottle

Texas Meadery

Our version of the renaissance era sweet mead.  It is made from a blend of Clover, Orange Blossom, Wild Flower, and Yopan honey in just the right proportions and aged in small American oak barrels.  It has a distinctive honey and vanilla taste with lots of aroma. 750ml

$16.99 / bottle 

Minstrel's Mead - Sweet

Texas Mead Works

Traditional Mead - Dry