Our blackberry semi-sweet mead is made with our estate grown blackberries and blackberries from Washington and is sweetened with a blend of Texas honey. This is a Texas favorite.  750ml

$17.99 / bottle

This lightly flavored semi-sweet mead is a blend of honey and apples with a wonderful aroma and taste.  It has a crisp apple taste with a lingering honey finish. 750ml

$15.99 / bottle 

Apple - Semi-Sweet

Jalapeno - Semi-Sweet

This raspberry mead is rich and very fruity. A semi-sweet melomel with intense raspberry aroma and fine honey finish.  750ml

$17.99 / bottle

Our desert pear and pomegranate honey wine is made with select honey, prickly pear, and pomegranate juice.  Take notice of the fresh kiwi, pomegranate, and watermelon aromas and flavors with light notes of strawberry and raspberry.  750ml

$17.99 / bottle

Our Cranberry Orange Spice honey wine is made with our proprietary blend of honey, cranberries and other spices.  This mead has a dominant fresh cranberry/orange aroma and taste with notes of exotic spices and fine honey.  750ml

$17.99 / bottle

Blueberry Jasmine - Semi-Sweet

Peach - Semi-Sweet

Raspberry - Semi-Sweet

Cranberry Orange Spice - Semi-Sweet

Wild Strawberry - Semi-Sweet

Texas Mead Works

Texas Meadery

This Blueberry mead has a wonderful blueberry flavor and aroma, with just a touch of Jasmine and a mild honey finish.  750ml

$17.99 / bottle

Blackberry - Semi-Sweet

This sweet mead is a fantastic blend of honey and apples.  Different from our "Apple Mead', it is a remarkable example of a perfectly balanced mead with "apple pie" flavor.  Cyser has nuances of caramel, nutmeg, vanilla and cinnamon.  750ml

$17.99 / bottle

A wonderful blend of honey and lavender gives an excellent floral aroma to this semi-sweet mead. 750ml

$17.99 / bottle

Desert Pear Pomegranate - Sweet

Lavender - Semi-Sweet

This peach mead has excellent aromas that reminds one of summer. This mead has a fresh peach aroma and taste with a fine honey finish.  750ml

$16.99 / bottle

Cyser - Semi-Sweet

Our Strawberry honey wine is made with our proprietary blend of honey and strawberries.  This mead has a dominant fresh wild strawberry aroma and taste with notes of fine honey.  750ml

$17.99 / bottle

Our Jalapeno mead has a wonderful light honey flavor, jalapeno aroma, and just the perfect bite. 750ml

$17.99 / bottle